Back in Hell

L` enfer du Chablais, the hell of Chablais, how bad can it be may Dylan and Adi have thought whilst signing up for this race. Muddy roads, 8 degrees, wind and some waterfallesque rainshowers made it a true painfest.

Other than that Adi decided to kiss the asphalt before the race and Dylan thought it was a good idea not to eat during the whole three hours of it.

Either one therefore having executed their (pre)race-plan as bad as humanly possible, a third and seventeeth place in the amateurs classification does not seem too bad after all 😉

It seems mister Adriano cannot leave his dirty fingers away from the podium these days.


On wednesday the second race of the RMVZOL Verbandsmeisterschaft was on the menu.

With 2 laps to go, Adi continued his flow.

He distanced the field by taking the descent as if on a suicide mission, and never looked back from that point on arriving comfortably infront of the field for some excessive celebrations.

Wicked start to the new season!

The mud has disappeared, such has the snow.

We are back racing on the road and the MUMUS are putting on a show.

On the podium twice, the feeling is so nice.

In order to be there again sometime soon, we shall train harder than a errected baboon.

For more picturez and stats, check out or Facebook or our Instagram to the max!

U23 CX-Swissnats

Last Sunday one of our young guns participated in the Swiss cyclocross under23 championships in Dagmersellen.

A week of rain, that completely made up for a mostly dry november and december, meant that the race was a mudfest.

In addition to that the small and strong field made the race very intense from the first second of the race. Straight from the first whistle the pack took off and flew up the steep climb, that was to be conquered 8 times, a true sufferfest. It was followed by another short uphill running section and an extremely muddy and therefore technical descend with turns that even made the most skilled and fastest riders fall a couple of times. At least that descent was an absolute beauty to watch for the neutral spectator.

So a largely anonymous 17th place resulted out of that, a befitting end to this intense, dirty and hard crossseason.

At least we had a lot of fun.

Now we are looking forward to our first road races of 2016 that will start in march.

EKZ Cross Tour Finale Meilen

In order to inaugurate the new year, Amadeus, Alex and Yvan raced the finale of the EKZ-Cross-Tour series.

Especially Alex`s effort was outstanding as he finished in 19th place. This does not come out of nowhere, as the race was set exactly towards the end of his 3-week-off-bike-high-carb-low-wattage-training-plan, which benefitted him alot.

Amadeus and Yvan were rather busy fixing other issues during their respective races such as fixing their bikes or enjoying a little swimm in the delightful mud of Meilen.

Photos can be seen on our Facebook Page.

Salami Time Trial 2015

2 riders in the cold pouring rain longing for delicious italian salami! That’s how last Sunday’s salami time trial looked like for the couple of riders appearing at the start.

Yvan and Adi participated for Zürimumus and finally placed second! Congrats!

RHC Milano

As usual, the final RHC crit of the year took place in Milano. Zürimumus where there as usual, this year also with some support from the fresh Velo Labor team!

Check out the great results:

Adi 35th

Yvan 39th

RHC Barcelona

Back again in Barca wtih a great shot of Yvan!

Unfortunately, Adi still had his cast from crashing in London, but it didn’t stop him at all from racing like crazy!

In the end, only Yvan made it over the finish line, yet still as 36th!

RHC London

This season, four of our Mumus go undercover – under the cover of Schindelhauer Gates. Adi, Dylan, Roland and Yvan race the redhook crits under the flag of the german bike brand famous for their Gates carbon belt drive.

After the Rad Race in Berlin, this is the second, even bigger international event where they could show theri strength. Check out some nice pics here or on our instagram account!